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Making Stars Shine Bright

SLAPZ Magazine has been making dreams come true since 2000. Our team of professional agents are experts in discovering new talent. We’re fueled by the success of our clients and provide the personalized attention and training they need to to create the best event possiable.
SLAPZ Magazine is home to some of entertainment’s, fashion’s and sport’s brightest stars. What started off as a small agency in 2000 has since turned into an empire of talent. Join us and become part of the SLAPZ Magazine story.

SLAPZ Magazine was created by Benny Worthy in an effort to shine light in places few know are there in the world of urban entertainment and media.   

Covering everything from in depth interviews, to live events across the globe... SLAPZ Magazine is dedicated to providing the artistic and consumer communities the ultimate in coverage and comradery.

More About Us.

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